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Heavy-Duty All-Natural Rubber Trough

An absolute workhorse, this Heavy-Duty Rubber Trough can play an astonishing number of roles around the house and garden. Resilient and durable, it’s the perfect size for mixing up big batches of potting soil, sifting a fresh batch of compost, and gathering up yard waste. It’s large enough to serve as a feeder for all sorts of animals from dogs to horses, and we love it for mixing up batches of cement—especially because any dried concrete pops right out with a quick flex of the container! It’s a breeze to clean up and can take plenty of abuse and pop right back. Its frost/freeze resistance makes it an all-season user. Is your potting bench in need of a DIY sink? Drill a hole in the bottom and mount it right in the bench. The possibilities are endless. Capacity is 40 liters (10 ½ gallons), measures 26 ¾” x 19 ½” and 8” high.


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  • Heavy-Duty All-Natural Rubber Trough

    19A08.03  - Available 09/04/2022

    Heavy-Duty All-Natural Rubber Trough

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