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Heavy-Duty Bramble Gloves With Integrated Arm Guards - Large

An indispensable companion for taking on big tasks in the garden, the yard, or the thorny woods at the edge of your property. Our new Bramble Gloves offer protection for your hands and arms, with integrated canvas arm protectors extending all the way back past your elbows, you’ll be ready for anything nature might throw your way, from roses, blackberries, cacti, and other thorny plants to the nastiest patches of poison ivy or oak. They’re must-haves for heavy-duty pruning, planting, weeding, and more. Constructed from high-quality materials, they feature cowhide leather on the palms and backs of the hands, ensuring durability and resilience against pokes and sharp edges. The fingertips are reinforced with split cow leather, adding an extra layer of defense where you need it most. Elastic at the wrists ensures a secure and comfortable fit, and the supple but tough cowhide give you all the flexibility you’ll need to work in tight spaces. An essential heavy-duty accessory. Keep poison Ivy at bay this year! Available in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of users.

Best Uses: Protects your hands and arms during heavy duty outdoor gardening work.

Materials: Cowhide, canvas

Size: Large

Individual Items

  • Heavy-Duty Bramble Gloves With Integrated Arm Guards - Large


    Heavy-Duty Bramble Gloves With Integrated Arm Guards - Large

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