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Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Broom

The Best Broom We have ever seen, Worth every penny

To sweep the yard, walks or driveway you need a broom with extra stiffness and durability. Ordinary brooms just won't quite do the trick. They haven't got what it takes to push around the sand, pebbles and dirt that you find out-of-doors. This one does the job with ease.

Made with Piassava bristles - a very stiff African palm product. It's tough and will last much longer than the synthetic brooms we usually see around. The bristles are 12" wide and the overall length is 57". It's even loved by fire departments because the Piassava bristles are very fire resistant.

Given the huge increases we've seen with shipping tall items there is a ground shipping surcharge. We do sell it as a set of two to save on shipping.



Individual Items

  • Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Broom - Piassava bristles


    Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Broom

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