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Heavy Duty Sawhorse Pair (Support 2,600 Lbs)

Rated to support over 2,600 lbs., our Heavy Duty Work Sawhorses are engineered to stand up to just about any task you can throw their way. Engineered to withstand rigorous use and designed at an optimal working height, they’re the ideal choice for craftsmen, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals seeking a tough and reliable temporary work surface. Crafted from solid, untreated pine, they boast exceptional sturdiness and durability and are sourced from sustainable forests, minimizing their environmental impact.

Stout, sturdy, and robust, each trestle weighs just shy of 10 lbs. and measures 31 ½” H x 29” W x 15 ½” D. Add your choice of top to create an almost indestructible work surface at the idea workbench height, whether you’re working with large materials, power tools, or high-impact hand tools. When the work is done, each sawhorse is compact and stackable and is stashed away easily, taking up minimal space in your shop or garage. 

Note: each purchase comes with 2 sawhorses.


Overall Width (in.) 15.35
Overall Length (in.) 28.93
Overall Height (in.) 31.49
Overall Weight (lbs) 9.9

Individual Items

  • 2 Heavy Duty Sawhorses (Support 2,600 Lbs)


    Heavy Duty Sawhorse Pair (Support 2,600 Lbs)


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