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Heavy-Duty Shop Lights for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Robust & rated for 25,000 hours

Screwed in any standard 115V domestic Edison socket, these put out an astonishing amount of area illumination. The Standard Bulb (3,000 Lumens) is nominally equivalent to 125 Watts and the Extra Large size (5,000 Lumens) the same as two 150 Watt bulbs. And as LED’s they, of course, consume much less energy. But their special “bulging” shatterproof polycarbonate lens spreads the illumination in a much more expansive fashion than a “normal” bulb. This writer was stunned by how much light these special LED’s produce. The “color” is natural daylight and the surface of the bulb itself is always cool and safe to touch. These are perfect for large dark spaces and can also be used outdoors in a wet environment. We think they are splendid. Highly recommended.

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