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Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Saws

Reaches to 25 ft - Save time and a lot of money. The fast cutting Japanese blade makes quick work of branches

This is a professional grade tool that will save you from having to call that expensive tree service. The pole is made in the USA and paired with a razor-sharp Japanese made blade. The very long pole is a set of three, easy to assemble, 6 foot interlocking fiberglass handles topped off with a 15" long curved cutoff blade. It enables you to cut off - without the dangers of climbing - those otherwise impossible-to-reach branches you need trimmed. The back of the frame that the blade is mounted on functions as a branch "hook" to pull them down after cutoff if needed.

When fully extended in use you will be pleased (and surprised) at how easy our saw is to handle. It's a much safer, cheaper and quicker option than the alternatives.  An additional Ground Shipping Surcharge applies - see details below. The Fiberglass poles are made in USA, Saw blade is made in Japan, Assembled in USA.

Replacement blades for the 19 ft. Pole Saws are available for individual purchase. 

WARNING: Do not use this tool near overhead power lines or electrical lines. Contact with those lines could result in injury or death.


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  • Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Saws


    Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Saws

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