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Magnetic Panel Tool Holder


Are you tired of tool clutter in drawers or shelves? Are you tired of struggling to hang tools on wobbly peg board hooks? This new system developed by Garrett Wade is a game changer for woodworkers, hobbyist or workshops. This new system will revolutionize the way you keep most of your steel tools "at the ready" and quickly accessible.  The key element in the system is a 12 X 12" strongly magnetized steel panel that can be used singly or clustered in any configuration that meets your needs. (We show it here set up as a row of three panels. We also show a single panel purposely covered with a wide variety of tools to show its capacity to hold large numbers of items. In fact, the entire surface can be safely covered from side to side and each item easily picked off as needed.

As your needs grow, you can change the arrangement and number of the panels used. The secret is that each magnetic panel is backed by a supplementary sheet-steel plate that you lift off the back of the panel and (using holes predrilled in each corner) attach to any surface or wall (wood, plaster, wall board, cinder block etc). Once attached to the wall, you simply lay the magnetic panel onto the now-attached steel plate and you are good to go. Complete detailed instructions for installation are provided so the easy steps are clearly understood. (If you are setting up a group of six, for example, the job should be completed within 20-30 minutes.) Six panels will hold many, many dozens of tools, depending on their bulk. For your information, a #5 Cast Iron Jack Plane which weighs about 5 lbs will be easily held on by a single panel with room for many other tools as well.

We think that this unique, new system is exceptionally useful. Everyone who has seen it "in action" agrees. If you have the wall space, give it a try. We recommend it highly and think it will likely change the way you lay out and make your tools available as you work - for the better. 

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  • Magnetic Panel Tool Holder


    Magnetic Panel Tool Holder

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