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Horse-Hair HD Dust Brush

Deep Clean With Ease

With a stylish two-tone wooden handle and flared bristles, this body brush excels at deep cleaning and sweeping. Made for anyone who prefers the utility of vintage tools for cleaning, our horse hair dust brush is a great choice for both the home and office. Keep it on your desk as a unique piece of decor and use it to swipe away dust, debris, and pet fur quickly and easily!

Horse Hair Brush Details

Constructed from beechwood with a contrasting stained beechwood plate secured by brass pins, this German-made beauty uses dense tufts of angled horse-tail hair to give you the finest, fullest, cleanest sweep possible. Horse hair is naturally static-free, meaning dust and dirt don’t stick to the bristles and go right in the bin. These bristles adapt to any surface and remove sand, dust, and dirt, leaving nothing behind. The brush is 12” long with 2 ½” bristles.

Built to last, you can clean the horse hair dust brush in mild detergent, press out excess water, and hang it outdoors or inside at room temperature to dry.

Because of its sturdy construction, this brush will help you keep your home clean for decades. Use it in the kitchen, garden, or anywhere else you regularly sweep!

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  • Horse-Hair HD Dust Brush


    Horse-Hair HD Dust Brush

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