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Horse Racing Game

Tabletop Horse Racing Game

A family-friendly tabletop version of the Sport of Kings, this tabletop horse racing game is made in Missouri. Can’t make it to the derby? Whip out this board game and bring the races to life with a vintage-style game everyone can love!

How to Play

This tabletop horse racing game starts with a card game to determine which horses will be scratched, or removed, from the race — and to start building the pot. (Have that coffee can of spare change at the ready!) Horses that make the big show are then advanced down the board via holes, which number in relation to the probability of the roll of the dice. If you roll a 12, move horse #12 one spot, and so on. If you’re holding the card of the winning horse in the end, the pot is yours!

Horse Racing Toy: Specifications & Pricing

The wooden board measures 21 1/4” x 11” and is built to last, with metal eyelets and a safe, water-based clear acrylic finish. It comes with a weighty maple game board, dice, playing cards, and a full gate of plastic horses numbered 2 through 12. You also get a nice fabric bag to keep all the accessories tidily in one place.

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  • Horse Racing Game

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    Horse Racing Game

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