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Hose End Connector (#4) Chrome

We are excited to offer these high-quality quick release chrome plated lead-free brass fittings, in the same sizes and crafted to the same exacting standards as our best-selling brass fittings. Available individually: Female adapter, Faucet/tap end connector, Male adapter, and Hose end connector. Or sold as a complete set of one of each so you have everything you need to run from the big to the nozzle. The Female adapter (#1) screws directly to the tap. The tap-end connector (#2) screws into the tap end of the hose and snaps into (#1). The Hose-end connector (#4) screws to the male threaded end of the hose. Finally, the male adaptor (#3) screws into the nozzle or other spray device and is then snapped in (#4), completing the assembly from tap to nozzle. These are not only attractive fittings; they also are a better alternative to brass when attaching to aluminium or stainless-steel hoses or nozzles to prevent galvanic corrosion. When brass comes in contact with aluminium or stainless-steel, as is often the case with hose couplings and bibbs, the combination can cause the two surfaces to become stuck together (galvanic corrosion) particularly when combined with moisture


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  • Hose End Connector (#4) Chrome


    Hose End Connector (#4) Chrome

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