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Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers

Made in Germany

The familiar rotating-barrel Yankee screwdriver, famous for decades, is no longer made by Stanley UK, but now a respected German manufacturer has taken this design and improved it. It has replaced the usual round notched collet-chuck (that held just a few bit sizes) with a modern hex chuck that will hold hundreds of familiar 1/4" hex bits. This is great news for the thousands of woodworkers who have loved and missed this tool.

The two sizes mirror the two smaller Stanley sizes and are the most popular. The smaller size is 12" long fully extended and the large is 17-3/4" fully extended. Both have a 3-position selector-locked, spiral-in and spiral-out-as well as a barrel lock in the fully retracted position, and come with 3 bits (they are double ended so you get 3 slotted and 3 Phillips). Any of the hex bits in our 102 Bit Set (shown) fit the chucks. These are mechanically complex push screwdrivers, precision crafted in Germany. Click Here to purchase the 102pc Hex Bit Set separately.

Individual Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers

  • Large Yankee Screwdriver W/ Hex Head

  • Large Yankee + 102 Bit Set


Individual Items

  • Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers


    Improved Yankee-Style Screwdrivers

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