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Indestructible Netherton Spun Iron Ladle

Made in Shropshire, England

Our indestructible spun iron ladle is designed to last a lifetime. This giant cooking ladle is made from a full ⅛” thick piece of iron stock, and is extra long to let you reach into deep pots, across a crowded cooktop, or over an outdoor cooking fire. Two rivets connect the 11½” long handle to the deep bowl (which measures exactly one cup). It’s also a terrific ladle for cooking with woks. A hole in the handle lets you hang from a strap or hook.  The curves in spun iron are formed by spinning a disc of iron on a lathe and forming it over a mold. The result is much lighter than cast iron (generally half the weight), but like cast iron it heats quickly and holds heat beautifully. Pre-seasoned with flax oil, it will season further the more you use it, eventually developing a virtually non-stick surface. Made in Shropshire, England.


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  • Indestructible Spun Iron Ladle


    Indestructible Netherton Spun Iron Ladle

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