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Italian Leaf Grabber Rake

This handy, brightly colored, Italian-made rake has a wide mouth to rake fall leaves quickly.  It’s 65” long overall, with a 23” wide rake, giving you plenty of reach and coverage for your yard work.  The handle is aluminum alloy, with a plastic sleeve and rake teeth so your arms don't get tired.  When you’re ready to lift your gathered leaves, branches, etc simply slide the plastic sleeve toward you; the two halves of the rake fold down like wings and grab your pile of leaves or grass.  A side lock button saves you from working to exert pressure while you lift and carry the debris to your destination.  Then just release the lock button and the wings return to their original position.  A hook on the handle allows for easy storage. Some light assembly required.

Overall Dimensions

Material  Aluminum & Plastic
Width  23"
Length  65"
Weight  2.3 lbs

Individual Items

  • Italian Leaf Grabber Rake


    Italian Leaf Grabber Rake

    $49.95 $39.98

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

Innovation is more than a word for this Italian company, it's something they live by. Their patented hose reel trolleys and other gardening tools have become one of their crowning achievements and exemplify their constant strive for improving the work for the novice or professional gardener. 

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