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Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set

Fits neatly in a corked-backed leather case

Dressing up the home writing desk? Sending your oldest off to school? Moved to a new office? How about this elegant, gold-plated Letter Opener & Scissor Desk Set to make just the right statement? In a handsome cork-backed leather wallet?

Each element of this beautiful set - opener, scissors & case - reflects the fluid line and sumptuous finish of classic Italian design (the excellent leatherwork and stitching in the wallet alone puts one in mind of a classy little sports car, actually). A very clever touch is how the curve of the opener's handle acts as a spring against the scissors to insure a snug, secure fit in the wallet. It’s just really neat and fun. Bravo! Made in Italy. Note: The color of the leather case has changed. Instead of tan, the new color is black. It’s shape and style remains the same.

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  • Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set


    Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set

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A Look Behind-the-Scenes at Our Maker

In an incredibly beautiful mountains range not far from Switzerland is a region of Italy that has been making Scissors for 300 years. Every scissor we sell is made using dozens of individual steps handled by masters. No scissor arrives in our warehouse until a master craftsman hand tests that it feels and cuts right. These aren’t stamped bulk and shipped in mass. They are quality scissors that have blades mated during the process to ensure a tight fit and a sharp blades, you’ll feel the difference on every cut. 


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