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Italian-Made Sprinkler Sled

stable wheels you can roll anywhere

We’ve all done it. You want to save time and you don’t want to turn off the spigot, so you try to move the sprinkler by dragging it. But then it flips it over and it jumps around, soaking you. With the Sprinkler Sled on Wheels, an Italian-made watering wonder, those days are over. The large, plastic wheels, stabilize the Sled, allowing you to reposition and also stay dry. The distinctive, butterfly-shaped brass head with stainless-steel bearings distribute a generous spray. We include a solid brass quick connect coupling for easy attachment to your standard garden hose. This is one sprinkler that won’t get snagged on the rose bushes or those pesky roots. 7" wide and 16" long.

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  • Italian-Made Sprinkler Sled


    Italian-Made Sprinkler Sled

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

Innovation is more than a word for this Italian company, it's something they live by. Their patented hose reel trolleys and other gardening tools have become one of their crowning achievements and exemplify their constant strive for improving the work for the novice or professional gardener. 


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