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Italian Made Tomato Press

This classic tomato press is a pleasure to use (and look at).  Just drop your tomatoes into the top hopper and crank. (Note: it’s recommended to first heat the tomatoes in a hot water bath in order to soften the flesh and loosen their skins) The mesh tears the skin and begins the first phase of the process, allowing the juice to run out the front spout while pulp, seeds, and skin exit on the side.  For maximum extraction, grab the pulp/skin mixture, throw it back into the hopper and keep grinding, getting every last bit of the flavor and juices out.  Made from hard, durable plastic, with stainless steel grinding mesh, and rubber suction cups to stabilize the whole thing while turning the handle. Completely disassembles for cleaning.  Dishwasher safe.  Made in Italy.

Overall Dimensions

Material  Plastic
Width  12"
Length  9.5"
Height  6 1/8"
Weight  2.20 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Italian Made Tomato Press


    Italian Made Tomato Press

    $45.00 $32.98

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