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Japanese Chisel Set

By design, Japanese chisels are highly functional, light in weight and, above all, a delight to use in the workshop. Their design has evolved from centuries of use and tradition. Using techniques that evolved from sword making, these chisels are made from two distinct layers of steel. The bottom layer is a very hard carbon steel. Laminated to this hard layer is a much softer but tougher steel, which gives the chisel it’s incredible strength, more than any one type of steel could have provided. This is a bench set. The handle is made of Japanese Red Oak. And because the chisel maker is committed to utilizing every part of the tree, wood grain and color will vary within the set of 4 chisels. Blade widths are: ¼, ½, ¾, & 1”. Handle length is 4-1/4” and total length is 9-5/8”.

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  • Japanese Chisel Set

    36J02.22  - Available 04/08/2023

    Japanese Chisel Set

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