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Japanese Crafted Fine Rasp Set

A Fine Rasp Set for Shaping Materials

These exceptional Japanese rasps are designed for close, intricate work, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life across a broad range of materials. The set includes two rasps—one with a flat face and one concave for curved work—each measuring 8” in length with a 4” blades. Designed for detailed carving and modeling work, they give you the ability to shape and refine your work with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re working with wood, bamboo, plastics, resins, OSB, PVP, or other similar materials, these rasps deliver exceptional results. The handle design deserves special mention—they feel especially soft and comfortable in the hand, allowing for extended periods of use without discomfort. The Japanese Modeling Rasp Set lets you shape intricate details, refine contours, and create fine finishes across a variety of woodworking and modeling projects.

Materials: 60CRV, rubber

Dimensions: 8” in length with a 4” blades (each)

Individual Items

  • Japanese rasps for woodworking - beechwood handles


    Japanese Crafted Fine Rasp Set


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