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Japanese Curved Bladed Carving Knife

We had such a great response to our Rare Japanese Craft and Whittling Knife that we set out to bring you a curved-blade version of this popular tool.  It’s got all the features of the original: a full tang blade made of three laminated steel layers -- which are typical of the Kiradashi style -- and a 2-inch double-beveled cutting surface.  The result is an exceedingly sharp and beautifully balanced blade.  With its comfortable and distinctive yellow nylon-wrapped handle, it’s a pleasure to hold and to work with, and you’ll appreciate the added functionality of the curved blade for a multitude of projects around your home and shop. Use it for shaping, trimming, carving, or any job that requires precision.  A great addition to your tool arsenal, and a fine companion tool to its straight-bladed version. Get both, and always have the right one at hand.  Measures 6 ¼” long overall

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  • Japanese Curved Bladed Carving Knife


    Japanese Curved Bladed Carving Knife

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