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Japanese Dovetail Dozuki Saw

Designed by Master Craftsman Toshio Odate especially for Garrett Wade

The Special Dovetail Dozuki backsaw features a smaller, stiffer blade than a traditional dozuki saw because it is especially designed for cutting even the smallest joints and most delicate dovetails. Cutting extremely well on the bias (diagonal to the grain), the cut is so smooth that the time spent on trimming tails and fitting joints will be greatly reduced. The blade is 7" long with 25 tpi and a tooth-pattern which allows excellent performance on both hardwoods and softwoods. (Chip clearing has been greatly enhanced with every 12th tooth filed to a lower profile.) Best of all, the blade is replaceable and always available from Garrett Wade.

The maximum depth of cut is 1-3/4"; the overall length 19" and weight 6 oz. The Dovetail Dozuki is available separately and also as part of the Set of 4 Japanese Saws.

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  • Japanese Dovetail Dozuki Saw


    Japanese Dovetail Dozuki Saw

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