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Japanese Crosscut Timber Saw

Quick & safe chainsaw alternative

Many of you may prefer a chainsaw for rough cutting in the woodlot, but a good handsaw is really often just the ticket for quick, safe cutting operations. This beautiful Japanese Timber saw, with its 16" long blade and progressive deep tooth pattern (for clearing chips rapidly), is a formidable tool. And the wood handle, fitted at an angle of about 30 degrees to the blade, is perfect for applying sawing pressure in even, easy pulling strokes.

Because the teeth are so sharp and because the tool will probably be used outside, we have had a custom split-leather and riveted case made for it here. The optional case, which we recommend, has a ring hook (out of sight on the back) to clip to a belt or other attachment. It's not included, but is avaliable here. The Japanese saw and case bundle is also available.

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  • Japanese Crosscut Timber Saw


    Japanese Crosscut Timber Saw

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