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Japanese Hot Water Bottle

Galvanized Steel with a Stylish Retro Look - Made in Japan

On cold nights as early as the 17th Century, people would load up a metal box with coals and slide it beneath the covers of a bed to warm it up before bedtime. Setting aside the obvious flammable risks, it was cumbersome, and required a lot of preparation. Nowadays, we have the ubiquitous rubber hot water bottle, but here’s a unique, attractive twist on that idea: a Japanese made hot water bottle made from ribbed galvanized steel with a stylish retro look. This bed warmer will make your bed toasty warm, and the metal will hold the heat longer than rubber ever will. It has a rubber gasket and plug, a pressure release valve, a funnel for filling, and a metal loop for carrying or hanging when not in use. Stay warm this winter! Measures 12’ L x 8 ½” W x 3” D.


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  • Japanese Made Hot Water Bottle


    Japanese Hot Water Bottle


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