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Japanese Ryoba Saw with Leather Case Set

A traditional Japanese Ryoba saw has teeth along both edges of the blade - one side for crosscutting, the other for rip cuts. Our Ryoba comes with a 9-1/2" blade that tapers to 3" wide. The saw cuts on the pull (not the push) stroke, so the blade is in tension during use, with bowing eliminated. The crosscut edge has 15 tpi to produce a fine, smooth cut. The rip edge teeth increase in size and spacing from heel to toe – 10 tpi to 7 tpi — for a smooth cut — overall length 22-1/2"; weight 6-1/2 oz. Secure your Ryoba with the included long-lasting Suede Carrying Case. It has three pockets so you can expand your collection. Its heavy-duty stitching is also riveted and secures closed with extra-long leather laces. Will protect your saws in the shop, or if you take them on the go to a job site. Will work for blades as long as 15 1/2". The case is made in France.

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  • Japanese Ryoba Saw with Leather Case Set

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    Japanese Ryoba Saw with Leather Case Set

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