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K2 Engraved Tool Design Knife

Designed by Garrett Wade \u2013 Made in France

We designed these unique, hard-working knives to be both functional and exceptionally beautiful. They are made in France exclusively for Garrett Wade by a storied Thiers knifemaker - using what is called (in Europe) Z40 steel (X46CR13) hardened to a perfect 53-54 Rockwell. The face of the ultra-sharp blade has a micro bevel as well as the traditional bevel. In addition, the back of the blade also has a micro bevel. This ensures it's razor-sharp but that resharpening won't damage the graphic on the knife's body. The blade is held open with a custom-designed locking/unlocking Button (called a K-Lock system), that securely holds the blade open but also produces a positive lock when closed - so it will never accidentally open. The push-button locking mechanism is also hardened and tempered to guarantee that the lock/unlock function is as precise in years to come as it was on day one. Your choice of two unique designs: This one is engraved with Plans for a 19th Century Highboy. Designs are on both sides of the knife body. In addition to the K-Lock blade system, these knives feature olive wood scales, and an attractive slim profile case. The razor-sharp blade is 3¼" long and the overall length is 8" when open. These knives are sure to draw admiring glances.

We also have available a version of the knife with Colorful Flowers and Garden Tools.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Knife Type Folding
Knife Length (in.) 9"
Blade Length (in.) 4"
Handle Length (in.) 4-1/2"
Folded/Closed Length (in.) 4-1/2"
Blade Material X46CR13 Steel
Handle Material Olivewood
RC Hardness 56/60 HRc

Individual Items

  • Folding Knife with engraved outdoor tool design open


    K2 Engraved Tool Design Knife

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