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Knife Bonanza

Comes in a set of 4. With stable wood grips and two stainless steel blades, this small folder takes up very little space. The 1-1/2" pen blade is great for everyday tasks like opening packages or removing tags from clothes; the 2" spearpoint is large enough to cut up fruit for your lunch. You'll be glad you have this everyday carry on hand. Buy one for yourself and three to share.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Knife Type Folding
Knife Length (in.) 5-7/8"
Blade Length of Small Blade (in.) 1-3/4"
Blade Length of Long Blade (in.) 2-1/8"
Handle Length (in.) 3-5/8"
Folded/Closed Length (in.) 3-5/8"
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Ebony
RC Hardness 55/60 HRc

Individual Items

  • Knife bonanza - American-style two-blade pocket knife


    Knife Bonanza

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