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Knipex 10" Parallel Jaw Wrench - Massive Power

This is not your ordinary wrench. This professional, German-made wrench is industrial quality and really a terrific value given the feature. The spring-lock button-locked slides have 19 positions. The jaws move absolutely parallel to one another. When you squeeze, an integral pivot forces the jaws tight. The leverage is huge and the parallel jaws insure you don't strip the nut or bolt when really applying pressure. We have many hundreds of satisfied customers using them. The 10" overall length allows you to apply a massive amount of power. We also sell a 6" Knipex Adjustable Wrench that is exceptionally useful.

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  • Knipex 10" Parallel Jaw Wrench - Massive Power


    Knipex 10" Parallel Jaw Wrench - Massive Power


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