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Lanz Bulldog 3 Speed Tin Toy Tractor

An Exciting Addition to Any Vintage Toy Collection

Feast your eyes on this vintage tin toy Lanz Bulldog 4016 tractor from the Czech Republic. The Lanz Bulldog tractor series was manufactured in Germany between 1921-1960. This antique tin toy is a replica of the Lanz Bulldog 4016. It has working steering, a wind-up motor with a key, three forward gears, reverse, neutral, handbrake, and a hitch. The clockwork tractor is beautifully detailed with the traditional tin toy lithography on sheet metal. The exterior is a deep blue, with a red seat and Lanz printed proudly above the grill, behind the seat, and on the side panel. The toy bulldog tractor has two large rear tires and two smaller front tires that rotate from side to side with bright red rims. This tin toy model scales at 1:25 and will be an exciting addition to any vintage farm toy collection!

Materials: Tin, Rubber

Dimensions: 5.9"L x 3.5"H x 3.9"W

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  • Lanz Bulldog 3 Speed Tin Toy Tractor


    Lanz Bulldog 3 Speed Tin Toy Tractor


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