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Camping Stove - Large Burner

For years we have been passionate fans of hand pumped kerosene pressure lamps, but only recently did we become aware of the fantastic utility of the same basic heating system for remote camp cooking - like mountain climbing in the Himalayas or exploration trekking. (In fact, this system is also still in wide ordinary use in many undeveloped places in the world.) We located a maker in South Asia, and tested two of his models that were most appropriate for our recreation environment in the USA. The results were exciting. The amount of heat (also real local warmth) that was generated at the burner was very high and could be efficiently and cheaply maintained for many hours if necessary. Following our detailed instructions, set-up and lighting is simple and straightforward and quickly becomes automatic. All you need to get locally is some kerosene (a quart will often be fine), a pint of alcohol and a match. The Small Burner (8" diameter, 9" high, weighing 2lbs. 6oz. empty) will be sufficient real meals for a group of 4 people and would do for 6 in a pinch. It can easily be broken down and then reassembled and is suitable for back packing. The Large Burner is 10" in diameter, 11" high and weighs 4lbs. 10oz. empty, and can handle a very large group. It is thought to be too big for routine back packing but is superb for a base camp or other similar installations. These are highly recommended. There is nothing modern about them - just many, many decades of proven reliability and efficiency.


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  • Camping Stove - Large Burner


    Camping Stove - Large Burner

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