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Large Coffee Grinder - Green

Italian Made Hand Crank "Burr-Style" Coffee Grinder

This is the Green Colored model of our Italian Hand-Cranked “Burr Style” Coffee Grinder. Made of cast iron with a beechwood base, it’s heavy enough to stay anchored while you grind. The beans fit in the reservoir at the top and a spring-tab mechanism allows you to adjust the coarseness of your grind. Turning the large wheel hand-crank produces high torque at low speed. A cone-configuration of tempered steel teeth crush the beans. When they reach the proper size, your ground coffee falls into a wooden drawer at the bottom. Expensive for sure but very special. Weighs 12 lbs., Dimensions: 13" x 8½" x 8"

Coffee aficionados rave about Burr-Style grinders for one reason: they break up the bean in a more uniform size and shape (versus blade grinders), without heating them up and changing the flavor. Simply put, Burr grinders producing significantly more consistent, smooth tasting coffee. Besides effortlessly grinding coffee beans, it looks absolutely fabulous. Also available in copper. 


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  • Large Coffee Grinder - Green

    57A01.11  - Available 01/12/2023

    Large Coffee Grinder - Green

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