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3 Gallon Galvanized Watering Can with Wooden Handle


Our 3 gallon watering can is a timeless design. Constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel and then coated in zinc to make it water-tight and rust-resistant. Features a comfortable birch carrying handle, painted (red) to resist weather and a generouse side handle for smooth pouring. The bottom of the can is recessed so it won’t rust sitting on the ground. Given it's size, best for outdoor use. 17-3/4” high, 10-½” diameter, and approximately 14-½” from spout to handle. The rosette is permanently affixed and not designed to be removed. Holds 3 Gallons. This is a terrific all around watering can you'll use all season, year after year.


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  • Galvanized Watering Can with Wooden Handle


    3 Gallon Galvanized Watering Can with Wooden Handle

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