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Japanese-Style Folding Pruning Saw

A really tough-duty outdoors tool

The Japanese tooth-pattern makes this folding saw really easy to use on the trees and shrubs you're looking to prune. By having the teeth facing toward you, the saw cuts when you pull, which gives you more control while not tiring you out as quickly. The blade is a full 10" long with a tooth depth of 3/16" – so this is a very fast cutting tool. The rubber-covered handle is all steel. It's a real beauty.

You can carry it in a deep pocket, or wheelbarrow but we recommend our leather sheath to keep it at the ready. Made of oil-tanned steer hide for softness, and lock-stitched and riveted for durability. Features nickel-plated hardware and a 2" clip that you can attach it to a work belt, or if you prefer, it has belt slots to wear directly on your belt. Hole punched center-top to hang on a hook when storing, or for a carabiner to attach to a work vest. The scabbard measures 3-1/4" wide x 7" tall, 12" tall overall.  

Optional sheath and Replacement Blade available.

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  • Japanese Folding Pruning Saw


    Japanese-Style Folding Pruning Saw

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