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Large Stove Fan

This is one of the nicest, most effective, environmentally-friendly devices we've seen. If you use a free-standing wood stove, as more folks are doing, these econofans will help you circulate warm air around the room. You'll also use less fuel for the stove as a result. Just put the base on the stove top. A small, heat-activated, high-tech motor supplies power to turn the fan. (The power is so low that no blade guard is needed.)

The Large Fan (Ecofan Airmax Model 812) moves about 175 cfm. Speed varies with stove temperature. Overall height is 10". The Fan runs at zero cost for as long as the stove stays hot.

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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  • Large Stove Fan


    Large Stove Fan

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