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Large Terracotta Garden Hydrator

With much of the country in a multi-year drought, water conservation is on many peoples’ minds. This garden hydrator, made in England, is an efficient and sustainable method for keeping your garden beds and potted plants hydrated without wasting water. Terracotta’s porous structure, which allows moisture to slowly seep out, has made it an excellent slow-release hydrator for thousands of years. (Research has found them used in North Africa and China 4,000 years ago.) Our version is made by a family-run business that has been making beautiful pottery in Staffordshire, England for many decades. To use, bury it in a planter or garden bed, leaving just the neck above the soil. As the soil around it dries, soil tension and plant roots pull the water out; when the soil around it is moist, the water stays inside the vessel. This consistent slow watering is also far better for the plants health as it creates a strong root structure. Brilliant, efficient, and simple. Measures 11 3/4” H x just under 6” Diameter and holds 1.75 liters.


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  • Large Terracotta Garden Hydrator

    58A08.05  - Available 03/08/2023

    Large Terracotta Garden Hydrator

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