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Leather Case for Lantern

This beautiful Lantern can be hung on a wall nail or carried by its handle. An early 20th-century design called the Stonebridge Lantern (after its designer), it was developed and made in New York. The fitted leather case is a modern yet authentic option that protects the lantern and keeps the candles close at hand. This handsome and accurate reproduction is 6-1/4 x 4-1/2 x 3/4" when folded flat, and 8-1/2" high (with a 4-1/2" square base) when setting up.

Made of brass. Because of the vents and air intake design, the candle will not flicker, even when walking with the lantern. The fitted, USA made, leather case we developed turns it into a travel or backpacking light. Three candles fit nicely in outer "pockets."

The light alone weighs only 12 oz., and easy to fold and pack. (Candles and case not included except when noted below.) Get a set and save.

If you would like to place a bulk order for this item, please get in contact with our dedicated Wholesale Customer Service Representative here.

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  • Leather Case for Lantern


    Leather Case for Lantern

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