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Gray Winter Beanie with a Built-In Rechargeable LED Light

with three brightness settings

Light up those cold winter nights with this ingenious winter hat with an integrated rechargeable LED light. The hat is warm, comfortable, 100% acrylic so it’s easy-care The battery is removable for when you need to wash or recharge it. Comes in fashionable dark charcoal, with three brightness settings. A warm and welcome helper for walking the dog at night, three-season camping, DIY project under the sink or on a ladder. Perfect for anywhere you might want brightness and warmth. Such a simple idea, executed stylishly. Also available in dark grey.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Material Wool
Overall Width 8"
Overall Length 8"
Overall Height 1"
Overall Diameter 6"
Overall Weight 0.25 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Light Grey Beanie- LED light


    Gray Winter Beanie with a Built-In Rechargeable LED Light

Subtotal: $15.50
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