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Lockpicking Training Set

Made in the USA

Perhaps you’re interested in delving into lockpicking as a hobby. Or, maybe you see a locksmithing career in your future. Either way, we at Garrett Wade are here to help you to perfect this craft with our lock pick practice set. This American-made set will help you to master the intellectual and tactile sides of picking locks. In no time, you can familiarize yourself with a lock’s workings. And in the end, you’ll experience the satisfaction of opening these logical yet complex devices.

Lock Pick Practice Set for the Budding Locksmith

Our lock pick training set at Garrett Wade is designed to start you at the novice level. From there, you will learn how to overcome more complicated lockpicking situations. This is all possible thanks to the set’s five total lock cylinders. The first one includes one pin set, the second one has two, and so on.

To use this customizable set, simply snap your chosen cylinder into the clear insert. The pins should be oriented on either the bottom or the top. Next, slide the cylinder into our base stand. The stand is stable to mimic a solid wood door. This set will grow with you as you become more skilled at lockpicking over time.

Our lock pick practice set features a tension tool, four picks, and a tool you’ll use to rake across your lock. We also include an instructional guide. Note that the locks are designed to fit pins with a diameter of .115”.

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  • Lockpicking Training Set


    Lockpicking Training Set


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