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Lockpicking Training Set

Whether you’re a budding locksmith or a hobbyist looking to develop a new skill, there’s a tactile and intellectual pleasure to be had in learning to pick locks.  These are complex but logical devices, and the process of becoming familiar with their workings, and then mastering them, provides hours of tremendous satisfaction.  One of the best ways to learn this craft, in our opinion, is to start at the simplest level and work your way up to increasing complexity.  This lockpicking training set does exactly that; it consists of five lock cylinders, with the first featuring a single pin set, two in the second, and so on up to five pin sets in the 5th cylinder.  Simply snap a cylinder into the clear PC insert (with the pins oriented on top or bottom) and slide into the base stand, which has the stability and feel of a solid wooden door.  As your comfort and skill level increases, you can customize the pin sets yourself, making this a tool which will grow along with your own abilities over time. Made in the USA.

Set comes with:

  • 4 lock picks. 
  • A raking tool for raking across the lock.
  • One tension tool
  • An instructional booklet. 

Note: The locks will fit pins of .115” diameter.


Individual Items

  • Lockpicking Training Set


    Lockpicking Training Set

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