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Looftlighter BBQ Starter

Never use starter fluid again!

What looks like a giant curling iron for really big hair, but acts like a hand held smithy's hearth? The revolutionary Looftlighter Charcoal Starter from Sweden is possibly the most environmentally friendly improvement you could make to your backyard barbecue scene, and will help get your burgers to the table in record time. It eliminates smelly, unhealthy petroleum fumes from your backyard barbecue forever - your neighbors will love you for it. Better yet, buy one for them. And besides getting rid of unappetizing aromas, the Looftlighter solves the whole dirty hassle of starting up a charcoal grill. Go from cold briquettes straight from the bag (not the fuel-soaked quick-light stuff, either) to raging flame in one minute without ever touching a coal. Do this a couple of times to a large pyramid of briquettes and in 10 minutes you're ready to throw on the steaks.

Forced hot air creates a rate of temperature rise that exactly duplicates a blacksmith's forge, and yet, because of the heat dispersing perforated shield, it cools to the touch in 15 seconds after use. Almost as easy as and much less expensive than a gas grill, and can be safely used indoors to start firewood in the fireplace or stove. The 115 V/60 Hz 1500 W Looftlighter will be the talk of your summer. It makes a great gift, too. See why the New York Times raved about it.The Looftlighter is a remarkable tool and whenever a new tool comes along that really excites us, we jockey to be the one to take it home for testing. Our pictures show the actual results of that test.

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