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Lumberjack Pair

Before the advent of the chainsaw, these large cross-cutting saws performed all log-bucking duties. That is, you would use it for sawing up the trunks of large, felled trees into smaller pieces that would then be split. The power produced by the 36" long, 1.5 mm thick blade, can be used to easily saw through wet and dry logs. The aggressive teeth are filed and set for cross cutting, with deep gullets every third tooth to form the so-called Great American pattern, which self-clears debris and dust as you work. The first 5" of the blade are smaller, starter teeth. Slight rocker curve allows for smooth action. Designed for one-man operation, with a special 6" long screw-on auxiliary handle for two-hand usage. Both handles are made of beech. Best for wide diameter trunks. The Great American is a quieter, greener, and safer option than gas powered chainsaws.


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  • Lumberjack Pair


    Lumberjack Pair


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