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Medium Block Wonderbar Rust Eraser - 120 grit

Limited Time Anniversary Sale Savings!

These 3-1/4 x 2 x 3/4" blocks are made from a special rubber compound saturated with silicon carbide particles. They work on metal the way an eraser works on paper. They will not clog up or load, and can be cut with a utility knife to fit any shape. Can be used dry or with any standard lubricant, including water.

The medium block works for in-between situations. Polish your machinery tables for extra slickness; clean rust, corrosion, scratches or stains from virtually any metal surface. 

The Wondebar Medium Block Rust Eraser is popular among artists as a lead pointer/shaper for graphite and charcoal pencils because it is long-lasting and cleanable.

Made in Germany.

How to Use

Individual Items

  • 120 grit eraser - clean rust off tools


    Medium Block Wonderbar Rust Eraser - 120 grit

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