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Micro Screwdriver Set

Turned hardwood handles with hardened steel tips & shafts

Made in the USA

Very small screwdrivers are not rare, but most through have tiny aluminum shanks that are hard to really control and tips that are not properly hardened to withstand even tiny levels of torque.

These are the exception - made here in the USA. The six miniature tips are 3 Phillips (#00, #000, and the very unusual #0000 size) plus 3 slot tips 1/16 to 3/32" in width (0.063" to 0.094"). The tips are of course properly hardened, something that is not easy to do with so small a cross-section of steel. Blades are black oxided to prevent corrosion. Handles are turned American hardwood. Nice tools and not expensive. Keep a set handy.

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  • Micro Screwdriver Set


    Micro Screwdriver Set

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