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Microgreens Self-Watering Grower

BPA-Free & Dishwasher Safe

Add a flavorful aromatic punch and increase the nutrient content of salads, wraps, and juices with homegrown microgreens. Microgreens are germinated vegetable or herb seeds with edible leaves and stems. They can be harvested by snipping the stem from the root and eaten raw. Baby greens & microgreens possess higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants - they are prized for their intense flavor profiles. A few microgreens sprigs go a long way and can be used as a substitute for your favorite herbs. Forget about foraged and farm-to-table microgreens, these mini-crops couldn't have a more intimate supply chain. Our self-watering indoor microgreen growing system will allow you to enjoy microgreens with every meal. Made in the Czech Republic from lightweight sustainably sourced BPA-free plastic, each unit is dishwasher safe. The farming process is simple. The microgreen grower has four nesting parts--a cap, a shallow strainer, a deep strainer, and a saucer- that easily fit together.

Materials: Plastic

Best Uses: You can grow seeds from microgreen favorites such as watercress, radish, cabbage, broccoli, arugula, kohlrabi or mustard in water, a gel growing solution, or cellulose fiber.

How to Use: Assemble the grower, add the seeds and growth medium, fill with water and place in a well lit area. Moisten your crops daily and in 6-10 days you can harvest the diminutive bounty from your very own microgarden. The assembled microgreen grower is 6" in diameter and 3" tall.

Dimensions: 6" Diameter x 3" High

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  • Microgreens Self Watering Grower


    Microgreens Self-Watering Grower


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