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Traditional Hand Drill -Made in Germany

Using a low-tech hand drill for small jobs is often the most efficient way to work

Small hand drills are easy to use but need to be of high quality and precise to be satisfactory. That's why we have gone to Germany for these. This is a 3-jaw single pinion drills made of steel (with wood handles and alloy driving wheel). The Mini Drill (weighs 9-1/2 oz.) is only 9" long with a 6mm chuck (bit shanks need to be less than 1/4").

The Large Drill (sold separately) is 12" long, 20oz, with a 10mm chuck (will handle bits up to 3/8" shanks). Although the Large Drill will theoretically "do it all", there will be times you will find the smaller drill an absolute delight to use - so we really recommend it to you also.

The 50 piece drill bit set is available for individual purchase. A complete set of drill and drill bits is available here.

Individual Items

  • German Hand Drill - mini


    Traditional Hand Drill -Made in Germany


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