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333 Piece Drill And Driver Set

Everything is included in this 333 drill bit set

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The Right Bit and Size Always at Hand

Here in one drill set box, with two drawers and six trays, are no less than 200 drill bits (long and short masonry, long and short spade, TiN twist, black oxide twist, and brad point bits), plus 100 hex shank drivers of every description, a drill sizer, multiple nail sets, drill stop collars, a countersink, and a dozen fractional socket drivers. Workmen absolutely love this 333-piece drill bit set and praise its completeness and security.

Every piece in the 333-piece drill bit set is built to last and has close tolerances so that when you use it you’ll experience fine tooling and not something clunky.

We think this outstanding drill and driver set makes an excellent addition to almost any type of environment: professional workshops and trucks, garages, home workshops, and remote cabins where you’re usually on your own for home improvement and fix-it jobs. Order our drill set today, and enjoy the Garrett Wade 90-Day Guarantee! Imported.

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05R03.05 333 Piece Drill and Driver Set

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  • 333 Piece Drill And Driver Set


    333 Piece Drill And Driver Set

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