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Mini Magnetic EDC Flashlight

A new competitor for our favorite EDC flashlight—that’s “everyday carry,” if you don’t know—this little dynamo puts out a lot of light in a small package while folding in some features that really make it stand out. Like, literally stand out, because the base of this rugged little 3” light is fully magnetic, meaning you can stick it just about anywhere to provide a steady hands-free light source. The handy clip also provides a huge range of options—slide it onto a bike helmet or even the brim of a baseball cap to light your way and give you full use of your hands when you really need it. Three lighting modes—Low (7 lumens), Medium (55), and High (160)—are available by twisting the head, with a maximum run time of 14 hours. Sized perfectly for pockets, purses, or glove compartments.


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  • Mini Magnetic EDC Flashlight


    Mini Magnetic EDC Flashlight

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