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Mini Pick Axe

The abbreviated, German-forged 16" shaft Mini Pick Axe is the perfect tool when working from a squat or on knees. The overall weight hits the sweet spot between solidity and lightness. It's heavy enough to pry roots and small rocks out of the soil, but light enough to comfortably swing one handed when loosening dirt. The head is 11¾" wide tip to tip, and it's tapered. An oiled ash handle for maximum whip and durability. A hole at the south end of the shaft allows for off-ground storage when not in use.


Total Weight: 2lbs
Head Weight: 1.5lb
Total Length: 16"
Length of Handle: 16"

Individual Items

  • Mini Pick Axe

    54A03.17  - Available 02/08/2023

    Mini Pick Axe

    $27.50 $21.95
Subtotal: $27.50 $21.95

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