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Mitre Saw and Sliding Bevel Pair + Three Additional Blades


This pair of woodworking tools is highly recommended for the precise worker who demands meticulous functionality.  The fully capable Mitre Saw is great for professionals and hobbyists alike.  Operation is simple: you set the angle that you want to cut, clamp your workpiece to the fence, and make precision cuts.  The adjustment range is a full 180 degrees.  The 22" long blade is held in a rigid, adjustable guide that keeps you locked into your angle as you cut.  When adjusted to 45 degrees you can cut a 3 3/4" wide board, adjust to 90 degrees and you can cut a 6" wide board.  A perfect tool for making picture frames, cutting trim, or simply making accurate cuts from 1 to 90 degrees.  Comes with clear instructions, a 22" long, 24 tpi blade, and three replacement blades (two 18 TPI & one 32 TPI).  We’ve paired the mitre saw with another essential woodworking tool: our beautifully made Japanese Sliding Bevel.  The Sliding Bevel is used to duplicate existing angles, or to mark to a new angle by using it in conjunction with other tools, like a framing square or protractor.  Ours is slim, with an extra long reference beam and a moving section that will lie completely encased in the beam.  Both tools are extraordinarily accurate and offered together for a bargain price.

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  • Mitre Saw and Sliding Bevel Pair  + Three Additional Blades

    35N08.10  - Available 11/04/2022

    Mitre Saw and Sliding Bevel Pair + Three Additional Blades

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