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Multi-function Triangle Gauge (Pair)

This Multifunction Triangle Gauge looks simple enough, but the little touches included in its design will ensure that it never strays far from reach.  If you work with power tools, you’ll know at first glance that this is an invaluable setup tool for things like table saws and jointer fences, where a dead-square blade is crucial to producing accurate work.

The high-contrast measurements also allow you to set your router depth with ease, and the embedded face magnets keep the tool completely still until you need it to move. It can also stand-in for a carpenter’s or engineer’s square for plenty of jobs, and its thoughtfully laid-out interior openings mean it can be clamped in nearly any position.  Secure a 90° corner while gluing up a box or picture frame, lay out perfect 45° miters, and more. 

These measures a handy 3” high and come in a set of 2.  Engineered to a tight +-.1mm tolerance to ensure accurate measurements every time.  You won’t know how you got along without them.

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    Multi-function Triangle Gauge (Pair)

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