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Nautical-Style Desktop Pair


This pair of instruments would have been right at home on the desktop of old-time sailing captains, as they wrote their memoirs or plotted their next voyage. The 6" collapsing Telescope features a modest 2x power and comes in a beautiful tropical-hardwood box. The box can be used to store all manner of things if, like this writer, you would rather display the scope on your desktop to aid in dreaming of far-off places and future adventures. The classic Small Compass has a fold-out magnifying lens in its base, plus it makes an excellent paper weight. All-in-all, these small gadgets will have a positive effect on your creativity, if you let yourself benefit from a little daydreaming. We like these a lot on general healthy principles.

Note: The 4" Hand-held Magnifying Glass shown in the picture is temporarily out of stock.

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