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Naval Oil Lamps

Truly a unique item, this fully functional little oil lamp features a rounded, weighted base that allows it to tip and tilt freely on a moving surface—in theory allowing it to remain steady on a briny old sea captain’s tabletop in heavy seas.  In practice, it’s a fun, unusual little lamp with a lively wiggle and a style unlike anything else we can think of.  We love them in a set, placed around the patio or other outdoor dining area for lamp-lit family dinners and gatherings with friends.  Unlike candles, they can’t be knocked over, and the flame is shielded from the wind by a sturdy glass bulb.  Burns clean and bright with standard lamp oil and features an adjustable ¼” wick.  Base is 3" wide, lamp with globe is 5" tall.

Individual Items

  • Red Lantern

  • "Green Lantern” Naval Oil Lamp

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