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Netherton Iron Steak & Burger Press

If you've ever had a "smashed" burger, you'll know there's nothing quite like the way the edges develop a remarkable crispiness while still retaining their juices (The secret is to shape them loosely, then smash them within the first 30 seconds of cooking). A heavy stiff spatula, the bottom of another pot or pan can be used to achieve this effect, but we prefer to use this gorgeous Iron Steak & Burger Press, made in England by a renowned iron foundry. Its ridged face and deep black color make it beautiful to look at even when not in use, and it's perfectly sized not only for burgers but steaks or bacon, or even for grilling paninis. The oak handle makes it easy to grasp, and the 3¾ lb weight creates substantial heft. Measures 7¼" diameter. Treat the press as you would a cast iron pan; with proper care, it will season nicely as it ages.

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  • Netherton Iron Steak & Burger Press


    Netherton Iron Steak & Burger Press


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